We combine behavioral science and technology
to create next level marketing solutions.

We are a high-end software boutique.

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PersuasionAPI is our first product.
Less than a year after launching
over 25M people are influenced by
our persuasion profiling technology. Read more

Why? To close the gap between what Science knows
and what Business does

Science Rockstars combines interpreting data by intelligent algorithms with (our own) behavioral research to make powerful cloud technology.

We like people, and we like data. And we believe this novel way of making data meaningful for humans fuels business as well as science.

Businesses all over the world get a higher value from their data and communication efforts. And science learns more about human
behavior from (large scale) implementations of the latest behavioral research.

Persuasion profiling is the prime example of this.

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Your next action is a function of the behavior of others and your own past.

PersuasionAPI is our 1st product.

Less than a year after launching over 25 million people have been influenced by our technology.

PersuasionAPI logo
Behavioral science

Based on the PhD work of our cofounder Maurits Kaptein (at TU Eindhoven & Stanford University), we have built PersuasionAPI.

PersuasionAPI helps companies increase customer loyalty and conversion by personalizing content to the specific persuasion preferences of individual customers and builds individual intelligent profiles. We call them persuasion profiles.

Instead of tailoring what you offer to each customer, the PersuasionAPI allows you to dynamically alter how you communicate in real time.

Since none of your customers are the same, it can figure out the best way to persuade individual customers. Thus increasing conversion, across all online and offline sales channels.

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We are a bunch of frontend guru’s, a professor in statistics, a social engineer, a data scientist, a descendant of Houdini, an UX streetfighter, a couple of hackers, a professor of communications and a spin doctor.

We are Science Rockstars.

We love press. And sometimes people
say nice things about us.

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Retailers can not only personalize which products are shown, they can personalize the way they’re pitched, too.

Welcome to the Brave New World of Persuasion Profiling
TechCrunch Science Rockstars

By singling out one persuasion strategy per person, companies are addressing customers in the way that suits the user

Mass Persuasion, One User At A Time
Mediacom Science Rockstars

Persuasion profiles can be applied across all aspects of your behaviour and ultimately could become tradeable data.

Digital Persuasion
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